Is my shower arm removable? : HomeImprovement

Amidst many interesting fun decisions, our prior homeowner friends left us a shower head that sprays 45 degrees out of the shower (home inspector caught it right away, no idea how they lived with it in the sole bathroom).

We need to replace the arm, but I pulled down the (non-caulked) escutcheon and I can’t tell if the shower arm is easily removable, since I don’t see where it’s threaded in. My light c-wrench skills didn’t move it at all, and I was nervous I’d break it off with too much force.

Am I good to use a pipe wrench or is there anything I should be worried about (is there some kind of permanent shower arm?)

Old condo building with a LOT of quirks, so I’m not assuming anything on any project from this point on. Thanks all, we learn so much here!

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