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“Building a ground-level deck is a great beginner project,” they said…

TL;DR up front – I need to replace the ledger boards supporting my deck – can I do it myself?

More details:

I started pulling up boards from my ground-floor deck, which were showing signs of rot. I’ve been wanting to replace/rebuild the deck, and I figured I should get a look under the deck to get a feeling for what’s already there. What I found has given me a little pause (as have many things with this house.)

Pictures taken from left to right:

There’s some… weirdness there and it’s hard to tell what I’m looking at, even with going into the crawlspace and looking at it from the other side.

Without going into all the things that look like they “might” be wrong (not least of which is that there seem to be five separate ledger boards) – none of the ledger boards seem to be code-compliant. None of them appears to have flashing installed, some of them look to be attached with nails rather than lag bolts, and the ones that do have lag bolts have them in a single row instead of staggered.

So in a nutshell – I’m pretty sure I need to replace my ledger boards, if for no other reason than to protect my foundation’s band joist from water.

Is replacing the ledger board something I can do myself? Is there anything going on that I should investigate further, and anything that warrants calling in a professional if found?

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