Is this dangerous? The dryer vent basically vents into the ground… I’ve seen most of these installed at least a food above the ground. : HomeImprovement

We had this kind of setup when we moved into our new home and it was terroble – the first time there was heavy rain it filled up the little pit and just sent water back through the dryer tube and flooded the laundry room. Had to bleach the floor and get the water out of the dryer itself. Fortunately we were in the middle of a renovation anyways so after remediating the floor and baseboard, we immediately had our contractors just cut a new higher dryer hole two feet higher and seal up the old one.

I honestly think the pit idea is purely to (almost maliciously) comply with code that stipulates the vent has to be at least six inches above the ground – if you just lower the immediate ground beneath it you get away with it but it’s clearly a recipe for disaster.

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