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I hired a contractor to drywall some walls for me and in the contract I had specified level 5 smooth as I am planning to paint it with semi-gloss paint and its in bright/sunny room so imperfections will be more easily visible. He ended up subcontracting it out and this is what they ended up doing. There was no final walk through or anything so I haven’t had a chance to discuss.

Would this be considered level 5 smooth? Photo of the project here:

I thought all the gypsum board needed to be covered – the entire surface – 100% – covered by skim coat? As you can see in the pics there is still exposed drywall visible. Let me know if I should go back to him and ask him to finish the job by doing a full skimcoat.

edit: I found this (bolding mine): “Level 5 Drywall Finish as described in ASTM C840’s Standard Specification for Application and Finishing of Gypsum Board: “A thin skim coat of joint compound shall be trowel-applied to the entire surface. Excess compound is immediately sheared off, leaving a film of skim coating compound completely covering the paper. As an alternate to a skim coat, a material manufactured especially for this purpose shall be applied.” source

tl;dr: is this level 4 or level 5 smooth drywall?

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