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We moved into our house a year ago and are finally getting around to re-doing our yard. There is ivy planted along the fence that borders my neighbor rooted on his side. It was never maintained on our side and after getting rid of it we gained about 3 more feet. The ivy is super old with branches as thick as baseballs. Problem is, once the fence was revealed you can see it is pushing over the fence and breaking it apart see hereThe fence is currently leaning about 30 degrees into my yard with sections not held together and only staying up because the ivy on his side has it strangled. We have some 4x4s leaning up against it to keep it from falling over temporarily. The fence needs to be replaced but a new one literally cannot be constructed upright with how things are now. And if the ivy isn’t removed completely it will do the same damage to a new fence.

My neighbor only lives in this house a couple days out of the week and is planning to sell it this year. He’s been here for 20 years which in this area means he will make a huge profit when he sells. All of that means I feel like he shouldn’t care much about what happens, has the money to help (I would even be willing to pay for everything if he would let us work on his side), and it will help him when he tries to sell (his yard now is a dump).

Yet he’s being uncooperative about removing the ivy. Also he has opinions about what the new fence should look like even though he’s making it impossible to build. And then he suggested we just put in our yard slightly (which 1) I don’t want to give up expensive land and 2) the ivy will continue to invade and push further).

Anyway my landscaper is meeting with him on Wed and hopefully will get through to him.

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