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Finished picture first. We didn’t get 3 quotes because we knew the installer from previous purchases and we really liked and trusted him. That trust was more important to us than potentially saving some money.

Our old kitchen was functional but completely out of date and nothing more than builder grade, at best. My wife and I had been saving for a kitchen remodel for a while. That savings, combined with our tax return and selling our 3rd vehicle which was our commuter car (Working from home permanently thanks to COVID, so no need for it) gave us $26k to spend on the project.

We reached out to a local kitchen and bath company that we had recently bought a bathroom vanity from. The salesman/designer came out and took measurements with a fancy laser and we talked about our planned layout, got everything laying flat and waited for the quote and drawings. This was in October 2020.

Once we had the quote and drawings back a week or two later, we were satisfied with the price and decided to put down a deposit. This started the 8-12 week waiting period for the cabinets to be built. In early November we went to the stone yard to pick out our slab of granite for the countertops.

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was spent going back and forth with a flooring contractor. We have hardwood floors throughout that were in need of refinishing thanks to the previous owners neglect. The flooring contractor is a family owned business that’s been around for 60 years and apparently business has never been better as they were pretty booked. They only week available for them to come out was the first week of January.

With the flooring guys penciled in to start January 4th, I chose to save some money and do the demo of the current kitchen myself. I started removal of the upper cabinets on December 26th. I had them all out in about an hour with no issues. Our old countertops were inlaid tile on top of a plywood base, they were gross. I was dreading removing them but when I took a pry bar to the first tile, it just lifted out. I guess they didn’t install it right because every single tile easily lifted off, no mortar was stuck to the plywood, only the tile. With that out of the way the bases came out as easily as the uppers, only precautions were taken around the existing plumbing.

I enlisted some help from family to remove everything from the entire first floor so the flooring guys could start sanding the following week. Couches, tables, chairs, fridge, stove, pictures, curtains, blinds, etc. We figured anything left behind would be covered in dust so it went in the garage.

Flooring guys started the first week of January 2021. They had to patch under the old cabinet bases as the floors were installed by the previous homeowners after the fact. Roughly 1,500 sq feet on our main level was sanded, stained, and 2 coats of polyurethane were applied in a week. They came back and applied a 3rd coat after the cabinets were installed.

The Kitchen contractors showed up near the end of January and everything went together pretty seamlessly. They did have to build out the soffit where our pantry was going to go, so framing, drywall, mud, sanding, and then I had to paint.

The granite company came out to do the template with some more fancy lasers and a week later they came back to install it. We’re really happy with the slab we picked out back in November, it looks even better now that it’s in place.

I hired a guy who had good referrals to do the tile backsplash. I watched a few YouTube videos and briefly thought about doing it myself, but decided that I’d hate to spend all this money on a kitchen and screw up the backsplash.

That’s it! We moved all the furniture back in and bought a new refrigerator, old one is now the garage beer fridge. Over 5 months from requesting a quote to finishing up. Thankfully we have a finished basement where we were able to live and it has a bar with a small sink for us to do dishes. All meals were cooked in a crockpot, air fryer, electric skillet or if it was nice I could grill. Looking forward to using an oven again!

Flooring- Patch, sand, stain matched, 3 coats of polyurethane. $5,255

Cabinets- Waypoint Brand Cabinetry Traditional Shaker Door Style Linen (white) Painted Finish on Maple Full-Overlay Doors & Drawer Fronts All-Plywood Construction w/ Soft-Close Door Buffers w/ Wood Dovetailed Drawers w/ Soft-Close Drawer Glides w/ Protective Sink Base Mat w/ Roll-Out Trays w/ Crown Moulding w/ Matching Toekicks & Crown Moulding Lifetime Warranty (cabinetry & hardware) $9,021 material $3,564 labor

Pulls- Berenson Advantage Hardware Door & Drawer Knobs/Pulls stainless Qty: 22 $109

Granite supports- Concealed Island Top Supports 31″ Island Style Brackets Qty: 2 $190

Under cabinet lighting- Hafele LOOX LED Task Lighting Cool White Low-Voltage Lighting Pre-Wired Light Bars In-Line Transformer In-Line Dimming Switch Lifetime Warranty $347

Granite- 3cm Natural Granite “White Ice”. Product and installation $4,700

Sink- Vigo 33” stainless farmhouse $470

Faucet- Vigo Edison single handle, stainless $185

Refrigerator- Whirlpool french door, stainless $1,980

Backsplash- 3×6 white subway tile w/ “silver” grout. $800 labor and material

Total: $26,621

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