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We are in the process of a kitchen remodel (paying a company). It is taking longer than expected, so we have a lot of time to see the same thing each day without much change. There’s a few things that are bugging me that I’m not sure are nitpicks or normal.

  1. The cabinets are supposed to go to the ceiling. In order to make this happen, they added (what looks like) 2x4s to attach the crown to. Maybe this is fine… but it just seems odd to me to have these nice cabinets with painted 2x4s on top. Like having granite countertops that didn’t reach, so laminate was added to extend them. The 2x4s are minimally exposed, it’s like nice white cabinet, 1/2” of 2x4s and then decorative crown molding.

  2. The island has exposed 2x4s with decorative siding on the exterior. The 2×4/ extend outward to posts to make up the seating area. They said this is normal because people don’t look under the cabinet. However, my attached family room is sunken, so I can see this wood when sitting there. From the sides it looks nice, but if you glance from below you can see exposed wood.

  3. There’s a handful of split wood where screws were put in at the corners. They put some type of filler over it to mask it, but it’s split which just sort of annoys me.

Are these items normal, or concerns that I should raise to the company? For home improvements I’ve personally done around the house, I would not complain about this stuff. But when paying the professionals I expect more – not sure if it’s unfair though.


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