Klein Recall on some Non-Contact Voltage Testers : HomeImprovement

I’m so glad I got the email telling me this, I bought one of these and it never quite seemed to work right. The button sometimes won’t turn it on or turn it off, have to hit it a million times or press really hard. The one time it actually had the light on like it was working but it wasn’t showing any of my wires had energy (I knew the ones did I was testing). Unfortunately I was lazy and missed my return period and thought I was just stuck with it. But got this email the other day. Woooooo! Getting a new one.

There’s a link on the page they sent me to report an incident with it, I’m not sure I’m going to do that or not but pretty certain mine fits into the “faulty button” category of the 2 claims on this recall. If 2 people reported theirs, and mines also bad, I’m sure there’s many more out there.

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