Leak on year old roof

We had our roof replaced around a year ago and today noticed some staining on one of the ceilings from a small leak. After doing some investigation I believe I found the source of ingress…a nail that was partially under the edge of a shingle and not sealed. I also noticed quite a few of these semi-exposed nails that they had put sealant on but the sealant is starting to dry and crack.


Does this look like improper install? I’ve never done roofing but I was under the impression that nails were always covered by shingles when all was said and done.

If the nail locations are acceptable I’ll at least get them out here to replace the sealant. Is there a good sealant that will hold up to more than a year in direct sunlight?

While I was up there I also noticed some bare looking spots on the shingles already…does this look like a normal year of wear for “30 year” shingles?

Thanks in advance!

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