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Good evening!

Looking for some quick advice on remediation of a leak inside our walls.

Our contractor just completed a master bath redo yesterday. Everything else has been done for a month (shower, sink, toilet) and is working great/no problems. We waited for months for a tub filler, and it just arrived.

A couple things about the finished install yesterday:

  1. When they started work, there was a lot of banging and sound of debris falling through the walls. According to our contractor, who we trust and has been great, they needed to move some floor tiles because the tub drain was not flush.

  2. He told us not to use the tub for 24 hours while the silicone cured.

Fast forward to tonight, my wife takes a bath, then drains the tub. All’s fine… Until I walk into the basement and see the water all over the ground:


I’ve currently got a dehumidifier running down there, but wanted to ask a few questions:

  1. For water behind/in the walls, what can we do to make sure mold doesn’t develop? Is it good that the water had a place to escape, so maybe it’ll be ok, mold wise?

  2. For the ripple on the dining room ceiling: should I bring a dehumidifier in there? Is that just a sand and paint job once we assume it dries?

  3. Big question: what do we think happened here? Obviously we’ll call our contractor first thing in the AM, and we won’t use the tub.

a) did he break a pipe? b) is the drain still not flush? c) could the pipes not handle the water volume and give out?

And the main thing I’m wondering: where am I liable for repairs, vs. the contractor? I assume he has insurance, but we like him, he’s independent, and I don’t want to take him to the cleaners on this.


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