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I feel like I see water in my sleep now. We moved into our (old.) house three weeks ago and have been fixing some plumbing issues. The plumbers used my water heater to unclog a stack with high pressure water. It left a lot of water on the floor from when they opened the pipe clean out, and they cleaned up as best as they could. The next morning I went down and saw some water around the bottom of the tank. Thought maybe it was residual water. Cleaned it up and all good. Well, she seems to be leaking because there’s a small pool of water whenever we use hot water in the shower or washing machine. Photo attached. No issues with hot water at all; the leak seems to be coming from the bottom on the side, away from the valves.

I am curious how long I can leave this leak without it becoming a much larger leak, based off of your experience if you have it. Also the timing of the leak seems…odd…you know, the day after they used it, but I’m not sure how it can be related. It’s a 50 gallon tank that is only 5 years old, so I’m quite surprised it is leaking at all. No service records written on the log sheet, only the install date. Tank replacement is not an expense I really want to deal with right now because I have a big electrical and AC job coming up, and more plumbing. It’s in an unfinished basement so I don’t have immediate major water damage concerns, either.



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