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Hey, first time poster. Looking for some information to make an informed decision. So we recently purchased a home and it was noted the corner of the window had some moisture present. it was nothing major by appearances and still isn’t ( knock on wood ). We requested it to be repaired as a condition of purchasing. By appearance the repair was caulking placed around the edge of the exterior sill. The exterior is a stone veneer. We thought it was fixed but after using the sprinklers I realized water was getting into the corner as i noticed the wood swelling. Long story short. I was wondering if placing caulk in the cavity beneath the corner of the window might solve the water intrusion. My only concern is if I caulk it and no longer see water that it’ll be diverted somewhere I can’t see. I’m weary of mold. As you can see in the picture I pulled up the sill to get a better view of what was going on. So is caulking the cavity wise?


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