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Location: TX, USA (Probably not relevant, but it’s in the rules)

I’m hoping for ideas and recommendations for overhead LED lighting for the garage. The contractor-grade light fixtures are astoundingly bad and it’s nearly pointless to work in the garage after sunset currently. Interested if anyone else has come up with any creative or nice solutions, or has a lighting manufacturer they’v used and trust.

I would prefer something intended for permanent wiring and that looks relatively decent quality. I found these guys and liked the look of the product, but I can’t help but wonder if that price point actually makes sense. I’m willing to spend money to get something nice if I have to, I’m just not convinced nearly $500 for a single bar light is wise use of money.

Conversely, Home Depot has this for a very low price and good reviews. But it looks very cheap and is also intended for an outlet rather than permanent wiring. Though I do realize I could cut the plug off and wire it in.

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