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Hi everyone,

I’ve just moved into a new, kind of weird studio space and I’m trying to bring some life to it. It’s got some light issues. It’s a little sparse at the moment but that’s just because I have no furniture.

First of all here’s my “blank canvas.”

I put a big wall-hanging where the horrible TV mount thing is (which I plan to completely remove). But the wall-hanging looked totally dead, and I can see that it will be the same everywhere because of how the light from these recessed fixtures is striking the walls. I read another post on here where it was recommended to individually light pieces on the walls, but I’m renting this place so I can’t do any really do any rewiring or anything. On the bright side as you can see there are outlets all over the place, including up high. Here’s the rough idea I have so far and you can see a lot of question marks about getting quality light on whatever I put on the walls.

I live at floor level, so I’m going to make a floor seating space for eating and reading and a spot to take off my shoes by the door. I’ll be looking to find two big feature pieces for the “dining room.” But I want to feel confident I’ll be able to light them well. Does anyone have any suggestions in this kind of situation? Any recommended lighting fixtures or approaches to get some quality light on wall art?

Thanks for reading.

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