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I live in central Texas and a tree in my yard was struck by lightning. A lot of debris fell in my neighbors yard from the strike. I spoke with them about it and they said they would help clean up the mess but haven’t lifted a finger to help. I cut a lot of the debris off their roof and hauled most of it to the dump. I spent money to rent a trailer and was loading wood from the tree and taking it to the dump. Not once did they come and help or offer money for the trailer rental (50$ from home Depot and the 30$ fee for the dump). There is still one of the three large branches in their yard. I haven’t cut or touched it. I feel I’ve done enough by removing and disposing of 2/3rd of the debris at no cost to them. The neighbor came over and asked when I plan to finish the job and I don’t know what to tell these people. I’m a new home owner and don’t know what the procedure is for this. I feel I’ve done more than what is necessary considering they haven’t lifted a finger to help. Just curious how should I resolve this? Am I responsible for 100% of this ? Here is a picture of the debris a d what I’ve cleaned up so far. There isn’t much left they need to clean

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