Long, steep driveway. How to prevent things like balls and children from rolling down the hill? : HomeImprovement

We bought a new home with a large, steep driveway. My son put his soccer ball down near the garage today and apparently it is sloped enough even there that the ball rolled all the way down the hill, around the curved driveway at the end and then across the street. Is there something we can do to put some kind of barrier up that would prevent this in the future?

Ideally something we can drive back and forth over but will settle for something I can draw across the top of the driveway when the kids are outside playing. There are good trees on either side of the drive or I could put posts/stakes in on either side to attach something to.

Here is a photo. You can see where it starts to curve and then go down steeply. Prior to that is a slow grade, so something could be placed across. Ideally where that first tree is on the left hand side of the photo and then across. https://imgur.com/a/PtIKpij

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