Looking for advice on kitchen island loop vent : HomeImprovement

Here is a picture under my sink as it stands today: https://imgur.com/q2HqriT

The peak of the loop is exactly where I want to attach my faucet, so I’m considering the following two options: https://imgur.com/AkCRRBz. The sink that will be installed is a large “farmhouse” style, and there is no garbage disposal since we are on septic. There is a dishwasher connected to the hose visible in the first image, I plan to trim that to get rid of the extra length.

Option 1: cut loop just below connectors, replace with “studor” Redi-Vents

Option 2: cut a little lower, attach angled connectors and maintain the loop at an angle

I’m wondering which one of these is preferred, or if there is a better option. Any input much appreciated!

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