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Wrapping up a kitchen remodel, and we started to install the garbage disposal when we noticed the outflow valve on the disposal is the same height as the outflow valve in the wall. Obviously a problem as water will sit stagnant in the disposal. (issue came up because we got a deeper sink than before)

Trust me, lowering the outflow in the wall is not an option; it’s a gigantic steel pipe that’s corroded so we can’t untwist any segments (picture of the wall before drywall; the outflow is covered by a plastic bag in the lower left corner) https://imgur.com/a/inwWHqD

We got the basic insinkerator model (specs link below) and it’s 6″ from the bottom of the sink to the outflow.

Looking for a model that is 5.5″ or shorter. We had a garbage disposal before and never used it (we keep a simple filter in the sink and throw food waste from it into the compost). Don’t care about strength/horsepower/loudness/anything; this is just to be able to say “we have a garbage disposal”.

Wondering if anyone knows of any super-short garbage disposal models?

What we have: https://insinkerator.emerson.com/documents/badger-1-garbage-disposal-specifications-en-us-6320196.pdf

What I’ve looked at (all are 6″ or more): GE models, Insinkerator, Moen, KitchenAid, WasteKing

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