Looking for some help in fixing an off-level shed : HomeImprovement

Pic is in the link: Backyard off level shed

Basically, we built this shed on top of paver stones and it seems the shed was off level, causing the roof to put extra unneeded weight on the door hinges. The small screws on the door couldn’t hold the weight properly and they popped right out of the plastic, and now we have a mess. Not only with the shed door, but also with the paver base, the sand, and the surrounding grass area.

In front of the shed was supposed to be where the rest of the pavers went but at this point, I’m looking to just fix the base of the shed, then fix the door, then I’ll see about getting new pavers…

How do I go about doing that? Is it possible to just lift the shed out from there, then level it again? Looking for any advice at all

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