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Hello. I’m a fairly new home owner. Just started getting into DIY stuff and learning. So anyway…

I have had this annoying lump in my kitchen floor. Wife and I were talking about redoing the floors and I figured I would have to find out what’s up with this lump in order to put in a floor. I go to the basement and have a look around.. So here is what I found.

I’m confused as to why this 2×4 block is here. Was this needed? Also, if I remove it will my floor sink into the basement? I dont know why they would put the blocking there and it’s on 3 other joists. At first I was thinking just pry it out then I started getting worried that someone must have put it there for a reason. It appears to be pushing up the subfloor away from the joists.

I tried getting a picture of the lump but the pics are not coming out that well. The flooring is sheet vinyl and glossy.

If any of you guys have some insight it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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