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So a few weeks ago I had my crawl space encapsulated. A couple days ago I had to go into the crawl space and noticed this: https://imgur.com/a/R7hzekL. It looks to me like a mouse managed to chew through the tape attaching the vapor barrier to the wall.

The ultimate question is how the mouse got in and what to do to prevent it. All my crawl space vents are sealed except for two, which are still covered by the liner, and they have grating and screens over them. I checked them and it doesn’t appear that anything has torn the screens to be able to get in that way. The crawl space door is a piece of cement board that is secured by wing nuts and weatherstripped and is pretty tight, so I doubt that’s the method a mouse has gotten in. I’m not really an expert on mice or their behavior, but all I could really think is that a mouse burrowed underground and came up under the liner, or already had a nest in the ground when I had the encapsulation done and had a bad surprise when he went to leave his hole.

Does anyone have any ideas for how mice get into encapsulated crawl spaces and how to prevent it?

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