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downstairs current ^ this is the house we bought. In SoCal. The flooring downstairs is tile that looks like wood. It’s a little dark for my taste but workable and I’m not replacing it now. I am, however, replacing the carpet on the stairs. I’m planning to use one of the two swatches below with a chevron pattern. Question 1: which do you think will look best? Keeping wall color as is: revere pewter. swatches and upstairs flooring Next question: the flooring we picked out for upstairs is lighter than the flooring that’s downstairs. You can see how light it is next to the carpet swatches. It’s luxury vinyl flooring. You can’t see the upstairs flooring from the downstairs. I like lighter flooring. I feel like the two floorings can tie into each other. But.. I need your honest opinion. Should I go with the combo I picked out above with the lighter flooring for the upstairs or just find darker flooring that’s a close match to the existing flooring downstairs and put that upstairs? Putting the exact same flooring upstairs is out of the bc question because it’s tile and will be too expensive to install.

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