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Im at the end of a long bathroom remodel and this casing just went up (pics in link). It hasn’t been caulked or patched yet but is this work acceptable? Is it wrong to ask my contractor to redo at least the corner where the outside edges don’t meet? (Gap is about 1/16-1/8” — I’ve read that inside corners can be patched but outside corners should meet…) He also didn’t remove the paper covering the tile floor and so there are small gaps between casing and floor. Also the right casing flares out just a bit at bottom. I know I’m a nitpicker — just trying to see if I’m asking too much.

To be fair our house is old from 1960 so nothing is perfectly square, but this casing is around an existing sliding door which I figure should be pretty square even though it isn’t new. What also made the casing hard was that the drywall (which he also did) was not perfectly flush with the sliding door due to difference in thickness of old plaster and new drywall. Any advice is much appreciated!

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