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Jumping in to a project to finally get my Garage Gator installed in the ceiling of my garage. It’s a medium duty, ceiling-mounted lift for storage of bikes, golf bags, etc with a capacity of 220 lbs and a unit weight of about 80 lbs. My home is a townhouse, but not a “straight up” design in that my garage underlies the living area of the neighboring unit. I believe it’s for this reason that the joists above the garage are steel, while the rest of the construction (as far as I can tell) is stick. I’m located in North Texas for the record.

Nevertheless, the Garage Gator comes with 4″ lag bolts that from what I understand won’t work properly in steel joists. This based on a professional I hired recently to install some overhead storage racks in the garage. The racks were packaged with the hardware, but he had to get different bolts on account of the steel joists.

My question is, what specifically am I looking for in a lag bolt that makes it appropriate for use in steel? The internet isn’t giving me anything conclusive, but I’m seeing that toggle bolts are preferred when going into steel. Any truth to that?

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