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Long story short, I have an expensive tv that my kids broke but is still functional enough for me. Rather than to toss it, I figure I could repurpose it to use outside for music or ambiance. So if it breaks even more by being outdoors, I won’t be mad. I do plan on buying a weatherproof cover to keep on it most of the time.

Here are my three outdoor mounting options. Directly to brick/fireplace but fully exposed to elements, to stucco, or hanging from eaves.

What might you guys suggest? To brick is probably the nicest location with cleanest access to power, but I’m worried about water getting into the holes or the integrity of the brick. I know I can fill the holes with silicone, but not sure if this is enough.

Hanging from eaves is a newer idea, I just don’t know if they will be strong enough. In the drawing, I can add a 2×4 to connect three joists, then hang from the 2×4. Id also rather not worry about strain to the roof of the tv decides to slowly pull at the joists. TV is fairly light maybe under 30 pounds.

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