Need advice for building a deck in my backyard : HomeImprovement

I want to build a small deck in my backyard, and go the “easiest” and “cheapest” way possible.

So far I am envisioning to just create a frame (with 2×4 or 2×8?) and put decking boards on it: Photo

Questions that I have are:

  1. if I lay the deck wooden frame on the earth (after flattening and compressing the ground first), will that work or am I missing something?

  2. what frame would you recommend? use of 2×8? or thicker frame on edges?

  3. Should I use brackets between the horizontal and verticals pieces of woods? Where should I place the bracket? Or screws should work just fine?

  4. Should I add legs to the structure, or the entire structure can just “sit” on the ground?

Thank you for your help and recommendations!

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