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My partner and I moved into an apartment in a building built in the 1920s but was recently remodeled (within past 10 years). We have noticed a very peculiar dust that accumulates very quickly. There is no carpet (only hardwood floor), no cloth curtains, no central air vents (it does have a wall mounted A/C unit). We cleaned thoroughly and vacuumed, but every 2-3 days we start to find a thin layer of this white fiber dust. Also, our dark clothes are covered in it after getting out of the washing machine. It seems as though the dust attaches to clothes as we wear them in the apartment. We even ran our washing machine multiple times empty with a cleaning solution. The landlord is not being helpful and says he doesn’t know what could be causing it.

The dust is very peculiar because it is very white and has a slight shine to it under light. It feels soft and is very short strands. It doesn’t irritate the skin.

I suspect it might be some sort of insulation like fiberglass, but not sure because of no skin irritation. It is very “sticky” in the sense that it attaches to certain fabrics and plastics like a magnet.

What are some possibilities of this fiber dust and its source? Thank you!

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