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The back of our property has a natural spring. Last year we laid dug a trench about a 18 inches deep, laid weed fabric, pee gravel, then a drain tile, then filled with pee gravel. The drain tile runs up to the top of the landscaping brick in the first picture. The spring then “sprung” above the landscaping brick and I dug out a bit of the gravel to expose the drain tile, hoping to make a pit of sorts. This didn’t help and now the spring has grown a great deal, especially in the spring (we are in Iowa).

I know there are crawfish in the spring and saw 8-10 holes coming up in my lawn before the spring grew last year and now I am seeing them even above the current spring.

What can I do to get this water draining and contain the spring? I am planning on taking out more pee gravel and exposing the drain tile, but how do I cover the dirt portion of the spring so that it doesn’t push silt and dirt on top of the drain tile?

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