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I’m in the process of purchasing a condo, my first ever owned property, terrifying, and need some help because I think I’m losing my mind.

I want to replace the existing ceiling lamps in a couple rooms with recessed LED canless fixtures and smart dimmer switches. I should be able to do all the work on this myself, despite my assumption of the unit lacking a neutral wire since it was constructed in 1950. A few manufacturers thankfully have finagled 3-wire smart switches now.

My issue is that I would REALLY love something like below, a simple trim, dimmable LED canless with spring clips, 2700-3000k set or adjustable to that range, and I’m just really sold on that nightlight feature. However, everything I can find with that combo is a white trim, and I would prefer black for a more striking contrast, and to fit my wall color scheme of grey on 3 walls, deep red on a 4th accent.

Has anyone seen anything like this in the wild? I’m 95% certain I saw one exactly like this recently and cannot find it again.

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