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Hey folks. I need a sanity check on this shower tile my contractor just installed: tile job

I think the side walls and upper half look passable. The mid-bottom section look unacceptable. This is part of a basement finishing job.

My general contractor has put up such a fight with me on this even I’m starting to question myself. His stance is that the subway tile I chose is curved and that is the intended look; and that ALL the tile installed are bowed like that, you just can’t see it on 3/4 of the shower bc of the lighting.

My stance is that the first box of tile (bottom to middle) were clearly bowed and should have been discarded. I raised a concern during the install, but was assured they would all be like that and that’s just the tile I chose and that I would have to incur significant expenses to halt the job, pick new tile, etc just because I don’t like the tile I chose now that I’m seeing it on the wall.

Would love another set of eyes to tell me I’m either being too picky or that I have a valid point.


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