Need to replace this angle stop

I got in over my head pretty quick and accidentally ripped the handle off my old brass angle stop under the master bathroom sink. Thankfully, this is my hot water line, so I was able to shut off the source at the water heater.

I originally thought this thing might have been rusted over, so I sprayed it with some rust-penetrating lubrication spray and then used a “rip the handle” amount of strength to try and twist it off.

It’s in kind of a weird spot, so it’s hard to get close enough to really look at it. I took my phone and snapped this photo – that’s when it looks like maybe this thing is welded or bonded in some way so that it won’t come off.

Trying to fix this before my pregnant wife gets home. This is her bathroom, so she’s not going to love that – or not having any hot water in the house.


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F this thing

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