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Need suggestions for a weird issue. I’ve got a large aquarium (50″ x 30″ footprint) sitting in my living room. I am 100% unable/unwilling to move it. I’m getting my hardwood floors replaced. My thinking was they would remove the flooring as close to the tank as possible. Then I would either paint or maybe even have an actual professional painter match the visible old hardwood to match the new laminate.

They came in today and tried to do what I asked. Hardwood flooring or maybe mine in particular is really hard to remove. They have to basically score it with a circular saw then a guy goes at it with a giant jackhammer type tool with a wedge blade tip. Anyhow, this was the best they could do on their first pass. I’m going to talk to the guy tomorrow to see if we can get any closer but I’m sure he’s nervous about the stand and I don’t blame him.

Anyhow have suggestions on how I can get closer than this to the stand without damaging it? I’m wondering specifically if I can try a dremel EZ544 wood cutting wheel. One of my concerns is getting a clean cut so they can do their best to line up the laminate against the existing hardwood that will be left.

This is a dumb issue that I set my self up for with timing of various projects but I just can’t move the tank, it would be way too detrimental to the livestock and make the rest of my reno and giant, giant hassle.

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