Neighbor has an existing in-law apt / garage right on property line, can I block his windows? : HomeImprovement

This is a question about building codes and property line setback. I’m in Los Angeles, and I have a hundred year old home, neighboring homes are similar age. My neighbor has an in-law that apartment he rents out in his back yard. It’s been there a long time, but it was built directly on the property line against my back yard, with two windows facing our yard. I know that in LA for our residential zone type, typical setback requirement is 3-4 ft, but I am assuming his building is grandfathered even if not code compliant. I want to utilize that portion of my yard against his building to put a non permanent shed that would likely entirely block the two windows. Wondering if I’m in the clear because it’s my property, or if somehow I have to leave access to the windows. I plan to talk to him about it, and I don’t want to be a jerk but I do want to be informed about my options beforehand. I plan to call the planning / permit office as well. Thanks for any advice.

Edit: Adding photo to illustrate the space in question. You’ll notice that there’s an existing trellace in front of the windows, about 3 ft away.

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