Neighbors built sliding door into their wall facing or back yard. Looking for suggestions to regain privacy. : HomeImprovement

Our neighbors who moved in relatively recently decided to build a sliding door into their wall, which is facing straight into our back yard. I think their plan was to build a deck so they can walk outside from that direction as well. The issue is that it looks directly into our backyard, a place that used to be completely private and where one could relax in their own little sort of sanctuary. They didn’t install blinders and they get a straight shot view into our yard (as do us into their kitchen area), and it completely changes the mood. Often times they walk out through there and it feels a little too up close and personal.

I was thinking of ordering several smaller trees like these to block the line, but it is a bit expensive to have them bought, shipped, and planted. Though the bigger issue is not having immediate results as we would have to wait for the trees to grow to the proper height.

Any creative ways out there to remedy this issue? Open to hearing any and all suggestions!

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