New flat roof in Philly is ponding. Contractor says I should sweep after heavy rains… : HomeImprovement

So my GC has been pretty thorough and helpful and a wonderful team to work with as I completely renovate my centennial home (purchased as a shell). However his last comment has me worries, but I don’t know enough about roofing to know if this makes sense!

Contract states: Install walkable flat roofing at rear roof-deck over garage – Contractor shall furnish and install a new flat roof membrane system, with all the necessary accessories for a complete system. Roof system shall include any necessary insulation board. New roof shall include any necessary repairs to roof sheathing. Work shall include proper overlap at seams and parapet wall. Contractor shall install proper coping at parapet walls and roof curbing.

It’s been dry here for the past few weeks, but today we just got a big thunderstorm and I ran over there just as the sun set to see how the new roof was doing. To my inexperienced eyes, the ponding is still problematic. (sorry that the photos aren’t from the same angle)

I sent this photo to the contractor, and he said that I just need to sweep after heavy rains.

Is that reasonable? Is that helpful? Is a certain amount of ponding normal and expected? I don’t know if I should escalate this…

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