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Hi all,

I bought a house late last year that does not really have a deck or any outdoor seating area yet. The ‘wood deck’ that is in the plan is really just a set of stairs from the raised ranch to backyard level.

Couple pictures

I cut off about half of the yard to the top since there is the back of the garage there with pea gravel driveway and a garage door (my garage is accessible from front of the house and backyard). I thought about pouring concrete over there but because of significant slope and wanting to keep it drive-able (no steps) if possible that seems like a huge task to accomplish.

Long story short, now the idea is to build a floating/island deck. Ideally the deck would be abudded to the shed which is a total of 18ft long. I’d like it to be only 16 ft, since there is a non-grassy/mulched area that I don’t want to cover with the deck. You can see in the pics and the plan (green line) where this grass line is (should I care, should I just opt to make it rectangular?).

Now to my next issue. I have a septic system and the leach field would be partly under that floating deck (that’s why floating without deep concrete base pour).

I have found these plans that don’t require a deep foundation but rather a concrete block footing on a gravel base to level the frame/deck. Since that area over there is pretty even, I’m not expecting to add steps, but make it a one step up deck, if possible. Even though those are diy plans, I’m not necessarily set on doing it myself.

In total the area would be 16ft at shed side to around 13-14ft at other house side with one straight edge of 14ft and the other one going along the grass (green in plan, again, should I care? If not it would be 16x14ft deck) line until it hits the house side of the deck. Those hexagons are just stepping stones leading to the deck from the slider/wood stairs leading to the house.

I know that construction prices are wild right now so I would probably opt for composite decking right away. Budget for this? $3000-$5000 (absolute max). Timeline: Completion at either late summer or early next year.

Other than that, please tear this apart and let me know what I haven’t thought of or why this is a bad idea!


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