New homeowner here. How can I prevent this clawfoot tub in our un-even bathroom from spilling water and thus leak water into basement? : HomeImprovement

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Bit of context here. We have a bathroom that has a clawfoot tub with a shower converter. But since it is a standalone tub, it’s not attached and sealed to the wall like a standard shower-tub.

Problem is, even with 2 shower curtains it’s bascially impossible not to splash water outside of the tub (towards the back where the shower pipe comes up). So the bathroom will end up completely wet. There is no drain on the bathroom floor and it’s also not level so the water starts to flow out the bathroom door and seep into the basement through the floorboards. It’s not great.

How can I best prevent water from leaking out of the tub? Is there some kind of obvious solution I may be missing here?

Thanks in advance for any advice to this very green homeowner.

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