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Completed a new brick paver patio project this spring!

Completed project = ~$1400

  • Bricks + Delivery = 750

  • Gravel + Sand + Delivery = 350

  • Heavy landscape cloth = 70

  • Play sand = 4

  • Plastic Edging and stakes = 40

  • 3-day compactor rental = 150

  • 4-hr concrete saw rental = 55

First time building a patio so I ended up watching a lot of different youtube videos and read a few blogs from other DIY folks out there. The steps are all pretty straightforward. Essentially you need under a paver 4-6″ of compacted base + 1″ of sand and you need to ensure a 1.5 – 2% roll off for water. From there, it’s all in the execution.

  1. Cleared the site + 3″ on the open edges for the plastic edging to be staked in

  2. Set stakes in all 4 corners and ensure you’re square

  3. (Set the lines) There are different ways to do this but I found the low point, make the line level, then increase the high side by the amount needed to reach 2% roll-off.

  4. Repeat and double, triple check

  5. Measure under the lines and ensure the ground itself is even as possible w/o any organic matter like roots in it

  6. Run a compactor over the dirt to eliminate any air pockets made from digging

  7. Lay down ground cloth

  8. Fill in your gravel base and compact. I didn’t have a super heavy compactor so I filled and compacted in 2 layers

  9. Check your gravel for slope. I used a straight 2×4 with and taped an offset to it that signified the slope I should achieve. If I placed a level on top of the 2×4 and it was flat then I knew my roll-off was correct. I went over the whole surface fanning out from the house/sunroom corner

  10. Drop down some .75″ pvc and screeded sand. “Why did you use .75 inch pvc when you said 1″ of sand?” Don’t forget most pipes are sold by their inner diameter! If I used a 1″ pvc, there would’ve been too much sand

  11. After screeding, start dropping in pavers

  12. After all the bricks are in, stake down the edging, and run the compactor over it

  13. Sweep in some play sand and call it a day

Hopefully that’s enough detail! Let me know if you have any questions about the process. Lastly, a big help for me to keep the costs down was to use 2nds from the brick supplier. They had a whole yard full of returns or mistints so I was able to get the pavers for a dramatically cheaper price. Instead of $5.50 per sq ft, I got it for $1.10. Since I wasn’t picky about the final look I got 80% off the bricks

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