New Rodeo for me.

I'm installing a new shower and I have a small dilemma. I need a plumbers help here. I have no problem cutting and gluing pipe. I just need to map this out a bit better.

The original drainage system was on the floor for the old bath tub. I am moving the water pipes to the other side of the bathroom (should be easy enough with a couple of 90s and run them to the other wall under the floor).

My problem is this goofy drain pipe which vents through the wall. The pipe going up is venting to the roof and cannot be moved.

I think I need cut out the 2 existing 45s and the T and replace them with 2 new 45s going in the same direction and replace the T with a straight pipe going between the vent and the main drain pipe. Then cut in a T underneath the floor from the main drain pipe and angling it to the new shower drain under the floor.

Looking at the last picture in that series, the drain pipe runs parallel with one of the floor joists. I need to cross under that floor joist (and one more floor joist) to get to the drain for the new shower. Can I just put a T in the existing drain pipe pointed downwards, then 90 under the floor joists to the drain for the shower then 90 up to the shower drain?

The original tub had a trap at the tub drain. I would like to do this for the shower as well. Is this a feasible idea?

My main concern is the 90s going under the floor joists. I'm thinking the water might have trouble getting out of the new drain pipe if I put any bends (a U shaped bend) in it like that. Would it be better to run the pipe through the floor joists? I don't want to have any issues with the floor being weak under the shower by running a 1 1/2" pipe through 2 of the main joists.

Look at the pictures and let me know what you think. I'm a bit perplexed on this one. Plumbing is nothing like electrical… Or is it? Am I over thinking this? Will the water travel to where it needs to go or will it back up into the shower doing a U shaped pipe going to the main drain line?

EDIT: Yes, I do have sub flooring to cover that open area in case anyone was wondering if I was planning on putting sub flooring there. đŸ™‚

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