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Had a really wide opening on our porch (> 6’) and really didn’t see anything commercially available as a pet/baby gate that was going to work or be remotely attractive.

So, we decided to build a gate modeled on the existing railing. This was built out of cheap Home Depot SPF/whitewood. We can always rebuild it if it doesn’t weather well, as it was not difficult at all to make over a weekend.

It’s a few 2x4s for the frame and railing, and 2x2s for the balusters. Total lumber cost was <$35 (and would’ve been a third of that in normal times). Add a couple of fixed casters for $5 or $6, and it was an incredibly cheap project for how it works with the existing railing. The exterior paint and primer we already had, so not sure what cost to assign for that.

From a woodworking perspective, the top cap was my first big rabbet cut (at 83 1/2”, jumped In with both feet). The existing railing has 2×6 with a dado down the middle, so I wanted to stay in concert with that even with a 2×4 across the top with a slight reveal above the balusters.

I was really worried it would be flimsy, but even before the balusters, it was rock solid.

A lot of fun as a weekend project, and now we get the fun of training the dogs not to freak out with every passerby!

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