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Hi all!

Looking for advice. Home improvement is not my thing so I hired a licensed GC to do a shower install due to a pan leak. 15k, Florida. One day the tile went up and the bench was not framed out. I questioned GC on it, he said guys forgot but they were going to put in. Today I go in the bathroom and a new bench is up. I have no idea whats behind there or how they attached it. I am concerned about waterproofing, security. I have never seen it done like this. This was a complete teardown and they constructed that wall. Additionally, my son pointed out the curb. They said they aren’t finished yet that is why it looks like this. Is this correct or good workmanship? Industry standard? What would you do? I just dont have a good feeling. I have a meeting with the GC in one hour.


Pics are of curb, shower with no bench, and bench they made today

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