Newly installed delta shower faucet drips after turning off, please help! : HomeImprovement

A month ago I had a bathroom remodel by a local handyman. He installed a new delta shower faucet . this one here

About a week after, the faucet starts to drip slowly after turning off the water after a shower. I usually just turn off the handle after a shower but I found that if I first push down on the lever so the water flows out of the faucet first before turning off the handle, it sorta solved the problem…until it didn’t. Now it’s starting to slowly drip again and when that happens I have to turn on the faucet, engage the shower head, let it run foe a few seconds and then released the water through the faucet then turn off the handle and it sort of resets it and the drip stops until it wants to start again in a few hours.

What can be causing this? It’s driving me nuts.

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