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We bought a house a few years ago that had a noticeable slope to the enclosed porch (listed as an “Open Frame Porch” on the county auditor’s site. I included some pictures here:

We had a contractor come out when we first moved in after the inspector noticed that the cause of the slant were footers (closest to the house) that were rotted away at the soil line. The contractor replaced the footers, said that the porch should not sink any further, but said he couldn’t jack the floor up level any without potentially having it impact the roof line (I didn’t question him on any of this, and just accepted that at least the problem wouldn’t get worse, and money was tight at the time).

I had a contractor out today because we’re using some money from the sale of a rental property to clear out back fenceline of brush, replace the 40 year-old decrepit fence along the back fence, regrade a corner of the yard that is swampy, and take out an old shed. On a whim, I asked him to look at the porch because I’d like to replace the wooden deckboards next summer w/ composite, and I figured w/ all the deck boards off, it would be a good time to do whatever needs done to get the deck floor level.

The contractor said that the issue is actually the fact that there isn’t a ledger board installed at deck level, and that he wouldn’t feel comfortable taking on a project like that for liability reasons. He said he “hates to tell a homeowner that something as big as this porch (16×20) needs torn down and started over, but…”and he left it at that. I can’t imagine how much it would cost to completely redo this porch, and it never crossed my mind that this might be the remedy. Can anyone give me some more insight into this issue? I’m not particularly handy or knowledgeable on structural issues like this, and I’ll be disappointed if the ledger-board issue is so serious and the original inspector missed it.


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