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I am trying to repair my cleanout cap. I measured the pipe and it measured at 5in. I bought a 4in PVC cleanout cap (although now it’s measuring 4.5 in so idk if someone put the wrong cap in the wrong section and i grabbed it wrong?) and it doesn’t fit. It looks like I have the sewer pipe, someone at one point installed an adapter with threading, so I don’t think I can replace that, but my cap doesn’t fit and I’m not sure what I did wrong. Did I measure incorrectly? I measured from end to end and from opening of pipe to opening of pipe. I don’t know if I should try buying down another size or if that would be too small. sewer pipe and cap

I included a picture of my pipe and the cap I bought. I’m sorry if it doesn’t show, it’s my first time using imgur. The cap seems like it is literally just a smidgen too big or just that the opening is wonky. I can’t get it to screw in at all or even slide into the fitting to be able to screw.. it feels like a 2cm difference 🙁 I’d appreciate advice on how I could fix this. Thank you.

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