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We had record snow this past winter at a remote cabin which slid off the roof and broke the outside pane of a dual pane window. My late grandfather built the cabin by falling/milling the trees on-site in the 70’s and the glass is in an aluminum frame with no obvious way to release the old glass. There is another frame that holds this frame in place and screws to the window with a slot for the window itself. See pics here (from before the window broke – these were taken a few years ago when considering replacing the windows but didn’t) https://imgur.com/a/Cyu7jf9

There are no glass shops / hardware stores within 5+ hours and I’ll be needing to order parts to fly in then drive a few hours on remote dirt roads to fix so I’d like to make one trip out of it if possible. Any thoughts on how to best approach this would be much appreciated!

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