Old plumbing, new dishwasher not near the sink and 3 plumbers have passed. : HomeImprovement

I have a detached dishwasher that I have replaced but not yet installed.

new dishwasher does not want to go in because the drain pipe is 4 inches above the hole. The drain also does NOT connect to my sink garbage disposal.

3 plumbers have turned down the job because the dishwasher “needs to be connected to the garbage disposal”. In order for that to happen I need to pretty much remodel my kitchen and thats not happening. The last plumber told me i would “burn out the pump motor” if installed it like the old one. wtf?

The old one was not connected and worked great for 15 years – why does the new one need to be connected?

I’ve not crawled under the house, but I’m certain the drain pipe probably is attached to the sewer line or somewhere close to it.

https://imgur.com/a/etyvwQE picture of the drain pipe.

what am I missing here? can I cut this pipe down, possibly going below the floor and relocate the drain to the other side?

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