Only one thin base coat on cabinets. Looking for a clear, durable finish that is smooth to the touch. Should I use a polyacrylic a polyurethane or something else for my top coat? : HomeImprovement

I’m using a water based rust-oleum cabinet transformations kit that is around 10 years old. The base coat and glaze seem to be okay, but the top coat pretty old and hard to work with so I’m looking for a replacement.

Through testing a bunch of panels, the only way I seem to be able to get decent results is by using one thin base coat. If I use more than one base coat, the grain of the wood is too filled with paint and the glaze doesn’t have anywhere to settle into.

Since the base coat is so thin, I’m looking for a very durable sealant. I’m also looking for one that would be clear and smooth to the touch.

What would be the best sealant for my situation?

Here is an example of the cabinets with no top coat

Here is an example with a top coat

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