Original Basement Window Pane is Broken

Hi r/HomeImprovement,

I’m hoping you all could help me figure out my best course of action. I recently purchased a home in the Northeast, everything passed inspection, nothing major. We recently had some pretty windy days and of course one of those days was trash pickup day. I decided to pickup all of the trash on my property this afternoon only to find one of my original basement window (vintage 1950’s) panes cracked with a good hole in it. Aside from debating whether it was the wind or some other cause – it definitely was not like that a few months ago during my inspection. You may ask, how did you not realize it was cold in your basement? – as you can see from the linked photo, the prior owners built an office off the utility room which has a wall corner RIGHT in the middle of this specific basement window.

photo: https://imgur.com/a/cckOfBT

For right now I’m going to poly and tape the window from outside, my thoughts were to temporarily put up plexi over the pane and use silicone. Thinking more of the long term solution – I cant even open the window because of the wall, so to replace this window I’d have to deconstruct part of this storage/basement area. Is this something (I am handy but not that great!) I should consider filing with insurance due to the scope just to remove this window? Or do you think the temp fix is fine for a few seasons and when we get to renovating the basement we would take care of it then?

Thanks so much for everyone advice in advance.

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