Our $30k bathroom remodel in $300k house : HomeImprovement

Sorry for the click bait title, it just came to me and I couldn’t resist! The house was purchased for $300k but it was purchased at a steep discount due to foreclosure and condition. We’ve done a lot over the years and fortunately our market has been good so it’s probably more like a $900k house now.

Our budget for the bathroom was ~$20k and was a rough estimate from the contractor. We ended up around $30k due to choosing a few more expensive items than planned and also labor overages. Live and learn.

We knew it’d be expensive from the beginning since it was a complete gut to the studs and most of the bathroom items were relocated. The previous design (and tub especially) were awful.

We also had our fireplace surround/mantle redone at the same time. The surround used the same tiles as the bathroom. I can post that too if people are interested.


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