Oven died on me today. I thought it might just be the fuse. I was WAAAY wrong : HomeImprovement

My wife was making a desert for Greek Easter when all of a sudden the stove top just stopped heating up.

We then checked the oven that we thought we had preheated and it was cold.

“Weird” we thought, as the oven clearly still had power. In fact, it even was warning us that the stove top was hot still.

So we cut the breaker, pulled the oven out and I got all set to replace a fuse. I assumed it was that, just a $30 fix.


This is what I found instead. I don’t even know how something like this would happen. Stove is only barely two years old.

Where do I go from here? Obviously I can replace the stove, or just the hook up if possible, I’d really like to not have to buy a whole new appliance. However I don’t know enough to know how something like this would happen. I feel like my family just dodged a bullet that would’ve been a house fire and I’d REALLY like to not have that happen again.

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